Let’s link arms and vote YES for Affordable Housing this November!

Throughout the region there is a lack of affordable units for families of four making approximately $41,000 or below. The metropolitan region currently needs over 47,000 protected affordable units to lift the heavy burden of rising rents. The Welcome Home Coalition’s hope years ago was to gain momentum for a regional housing solution. On June 7th, Welcome Home Coalition mobilized 50 community members to support and testify on a regional affordable housing bond. Metro Council voted to refer a $652.8 million regional general obligation bond to the November ballot.  The bond has the potential to provide affordable housing for about 12,000 people by creating 3,900 homes if a statewide constitutional amendment is also approved. The bond is a necessary step to ensuring all communities have a safe, stable and affordable home. 
Click here to learn more information about Metro’s proposed regional bond.

The regional housing measure has launched into the Yes for Affordable Housing campaign!
Voters on November 6th, 2018 will have the opportunity to invest in building more affordable housing for their communities by voting yes. 

Click here to endorse the regional housing measure and to learn more about the Yes for Affordable Housing campaign. 

The housing crisis is impacting families for generations. Let’s work together to pass dedicated funding to build the #HomesWeNeed for families, older adults, people with disabilities, kids, and communities of color in our region.