Regional Investments in Affordable Housing

The Welcome Home Coalition championed two voter-backed housing bonds that are producing more equitable housing options across our region. The 2016 City of Portland Housing Bond and the 2018 Metro Housing Bond are on track to produce 6,500 new units of subsidized affordable housing. As of 2023, both of these public investments are on track to create 1,300 more units than initially promised to voters at an average cost of just $10 a month to homeowners. To learn more about how local tax dollars are harnessed to create a healthy community see our Affordable Housing 101 brochure.

As many as 19,000 people will access affordable housing thanks to two voter-backed affordable housing bonds.

Our region pairs affordable units with supportive services.

The Portland Metro Region pairs affordable units with supportive services such as case management, addiction and recovery support, mental health services, and additional rent assistance. These services are funded largely by the Supportive Housing Services (SHS) Measure passed by voters in 2020. Funding from the SHS Tax Measure and the Affordable Housing Bonds work together to ensure people exiting homelessness are adequately supported in their transition into permanent housing. Learn more about how the SHS measure is leveraged to fund homeless services here.

Together, the Portland and Metro Housing Bonds will create 6,500+ units of affordable housing.


New Affordable Units

Our region has successfully leveraged public investments to build new affordable housing options for as many as 19,000 individuals. Affordable housing developments use government subsidies to allow for lower rents.


Homes Completed or in Progress

As of the summer of 2023, there are 4,000 new subsidized affordable housing units open or under construction. With 18 new buildings currently housing residents.


Family Sized Units

Both the Portland Housing Bond and the Metro Housing Bond set family unit goals to ensure that new units allow families to access more equitable housing options. As of 2023, both bonds are on track to create more family units than initially promised to voters.


Deeply Affordable Units

Area Median Income (AMI), is used as criteria for eligibility for affordable housing. Deeply affordable units are limited to incomes at or below 30% AMI. In 2023, 30% of the area median income in the Portland area is $23,700 for a household of one.


Units of Supportive Housing

PSH or Permanent Supportive Housing is designed specifically for households exiting chronic homelessness. PSH housing offers additional support for tenants offering onsite services such as care coordination, mental health support, and addiction support.