Proud ground family in garden

Our Vision

We believe in a community that invests in safe, stable, affordable homes for everyone. In a community committed to affordable housing, our kids will succeed at school, our grandparents will age healthfully, and our families will prosper with stability. We believe in neighborhoods anchored by past generations for their future generations. We believe in equal access to the opportunity of home and fair protection from losing home. Together, we’re building a future where home is a place we can all count on.

Our Mission 

The Coalition is working to build back our affordable housing infrastructure with at least 63,000 homes affordable to Portland Metro area families. We know that with adequate and dedicated public funding we can restore balance to housing opportunity so that all families can succeed with a safe, stable and affordable home.

Our Commitment to Equity 

In our work towards housing justice, we must address socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism, and unequal access to housing. Communities of color, people with disabilities, and other systemically oppressed groups have disproportionately experienced housing displacement, the trauma of homelessness, and limited access to safe and affordable homes. As Welcome Home works to address our community’s housing needs with new revenue, we will also work towards equitable allocation of resources in communities that have been disproportionately impacted.  In order to achieve this vision of housing justice, communities of color and people directly impacted by our affordable housing crisis hold positions as decision-makers, leaders, advocates and representatives of the Coalition.

Join the Welcome Home Coalition Together we are building a more livable community where home is a place everyone can afford.