Vision The Welcome Home Coalition envisions a future where everyone has a safe, stable, affordable home and our community takes collective responsibility to eliminate affordable housing barriers. We believe in equal access to the opportunity of home and fair protection from losing home. Together, we’re building a future where home is a place we can all count on.

Our Mission We use our collective voice and resources to build back our affordable housing infrastructure with at least 63,000 homes affordable in the Portland-metro region. We know that with adequate and dedicated public funding we can restore balance to housing opportunity so that all families can succeed with a safe, stable, accessible, and affordable home.

Our Values

Accountability: Resource allocations, funding levels and investments in the system must demonstrate our priorities and values.

Courage and Truth: We believe in being open to and having difficult conversations. Rather than avoiding the truth about racism and classism in order to keep the peace, we commit to telling the truth without being tempered or silenced by fear. When we take actions that harm communities, it is our individual and collective responsibility to make things right.

Trauma-informed: We believe addressing the root causes of poverty and racism and targeting efforts to support the communities that have been historically affected by these conditions will decrease disparities in outcomes.

Racial Equity:  We believe that equity is both an outcome and a process. Integrating racial justice at all levels and offering additional opportunities to communities of color, immigrants and refugees will allow us to achieve our vision.

Unity: We believe we have more power when we work together for sustainable solutions with a common shared agenda then when we work in silos or alone. We create inclusive outreach strategies to support leadership from communities most impacted by housing.